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The Recipe for SEC Greatness

Charting the path to the top tier of the greatest conference in football

By Steven Godfrey – @38Godfrey
Featured Writer
Sept/Oct Issue

What is a top tier SEC program? Who are the top tier programs? How can you define it? More importantly for Ole Miss, there’s the question of how – if at all – one can become a “top half” program.

For years, if pressed to name the “top half” of the once 12-team SEC, rational fans would spout out what historical data supports: Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU and Auburn.

Three schools per division, with all six holding every one of the conference’s national titles since the BCS was created before the 1998 season (of the six, only UGA is missing a crystal football).… Read more...

Egg Bowl Flashback

Oxford Eagle Sports Writer and Rebel Nation Magazine Contributing Writer John Davis talks with Rebel legends Warner Alford, Billy Brewer, and John Fourcade about their favorite Egg Bowl Memories.

Photos Courtesy Ole Miss Media Relations

OL – Warner Alford
Warner Alford, Ole Miss’ long-time athletics director, remembers a number of big games between Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

Alford, a native of McComb, first came in contact with the rivalry as a high school player. He remembers driving up to Oxford with a bunch of his friends on the Friday after Thanksgiving to watch the annual game.

Alford’s appreciation for the matchup with the Bulldogs increased when he came to Ole Miss and played under the legendary Johnny Vaught.… Read more...