Bruce and Trenia Reynolds get Special Tour of VHS from Ross Bjork

Bruce and Trenia Reynolds - Photo courtesy Bruce Reymolds

Bruce and Trenia Reynolds – Photo courtesy Bruce Reymolds

I wanted to share this brief story with all of you. I’ve known Bruce and Trenia Reynolds my whole life. They are GREAT Rebels and I’m also proud of Ross Bjork for doing this for them! #HottyToddy! This is one reason why Ole Miss has the BEST A.D. in the Country! #WAOM

From Trenia:
Today I was treated to a personal tour of the Ole Miss athletic facilities by Athletic Director Ross Bjork. The highlight of the tour was a trip through the team tunnel from the Manning Center to Hemingway Stadium. I was surprised to see that the Chucky Mullins bronze bust was on display at the end of the tunnel since renovations are on-going at the stadium. The bust is in memory of Chucky Mullins who was paralyzed during an Ole Miss football game and who is forever remembered for his “never quit” attitude.

On game day, as the players exit the tunnel and enter the field, they rub Chucky’s head to honor his memory. Chucky’s story has always been very dear to me as we were close to the field the day he was hurt and were again present at his funeral 18 months later.

After my injury, while in ICU, I was aware that Chucky was there with me in a dream, giving me his support and I said to him “If you can do this, I can too.” I have continued to use his never quit quote to make it through some very dark times.

Ross Bjork heard of my story and had Chucky’s bust placed especially for my visit. He then presented me with an official “38” jersey with my name imprinted on the back.

Ole Miss is a family through thick and thin.

Hotty toddy and a BIG “THANK YOU!” to our Athletic Director.
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From Bruce:
Trenia and I, as well as thousands of others, intently followed Chucky’s story of courage. Trenia, to this day, still has the articles that she clipped from newspapers and saved. His story deeply affected us and his never quit attitude has been a God send for Trenia.

Chucky’s story is now our story. We decided early on to walk this walk with integrity as did Chucky and Trenia have done just that. She personifies Courage.

She is a NEVER Quit person.

Thanks Ross for your thoughtfulness. So kind.

Post Script: Ross told us that when all was said and done in regard to the renovation of the football stadium, they asked the architects what would be the final capacity of the renovated facility. The architects replied: “64,038.” Ole Chucky just had to chuckle at that one.